1. disabilityfashionproject:

    I was recently contacted by Clara and Taynah, two masters students who are writing their thesis on fashion and physical disability. They asked me if I could pass their contact details and information on their project along to anyone who may be interested in taking part. 

    If you are interested please contact Clara and Taynah on the email address below.

    Text in image reads:

    Invitation to research project

    We would like to invite you to take part in our research project. We are two students enrolled in the fashion management masters programme at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, Sweden. We- Clara Herrmann and Taynah Oliviera- are currently working on our thesis.

    Our thesis will research how fashion is perceived by people with physical disabilities, how it can help them showing who they are or where they have difficulties to fulfil their needs and wishes. If you feel like this topic addresses you personally, you are exactly what we are looking for! We would be very happy if you contact us and we can exchange our thoughts in an interview!

    We appreciate your help and time!

    Best regards,

    Clara and Taynah



  2. international-twoc-gathering:

    WE ARE SO CLOSE! Only 16 hours left and $1500 to our goal! Please donate and help spread the word!!!!


  3. international-twoc-gathering:

    And check out our new fundraising video! 

    There are still plenty of amazing perks, art, jewelry, zines and the TWOC legacies T-shirt! Help us hit our goal!


  4. theblackamericanprincess:



    Fiber Optic Dress by Natalina


    I need someone to make this for me. I won’t pay you but I’ll love you forever.

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  5. international-twoc-gathering:

    We have so many new perks! Love letters, zines, hand made earrings, original artwork, this is such a beautiful community effort! Help us reach our goal by donating and spreading the word in any way you can! 

    Original art by Poe Liberado

    Get original art like this gorgeous painting!

    You know you want this TWOC T-Shirt! I do!

    You know you want this TWOC T-shirt! I DO!


  6. hemelbeestje:


    Artist Stromae designs and launches first clothing capsule collection.

    After successfully conquering the music world with two commercially successful hit albums, Belgian-Rwandese artist Stromae has been flexing his creative bones some more to create the singer’s very own debut clothing line and collection.

    Derived from a rearranging of the his musical moniker (which is itself a play on the word ‘maestro’), MOSAERT is a Belgian creative label spearheaded by the talented singer and composer. Under this label, Stromae has developed his brand’s first capsule collection inspired by English grammar school style, checker and isometric patterns, and African wax colors. The lookbook modelled after typical school portraits and class photographs. 

    For now, made in Europe (France and Portugal) t-shirt and sock range is only available online, at Colette stores in France and Hunting and Collection in Belgium.

    Connect with Dynamic Africa on:

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    All Africa, All the time.



  7. cocoavalentines:




    if you dont think this is the coolest shit you a damn lie

    where  might i reserve this for my future children


    ya’ll know this doubles as a way to teach children how to do they own hair right 

    ya’ll realize the revolution that is happening right

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  8. international-twoc-gathering:

    You can get these amazing cards from Gold Dust Studio to give to your loved ones and friends by donating to the International Trans Women of Color Network Gathering! 

    image image


    Only 13 days left! And still $4350 to go! Please donate and share and ask your friends and organizations to donate! Write an article or blog post about our fundraiser! We’re almost there, and thee donations will help us make this network gathering international, visionary and sustainable! 

    What is the Allied Media Conference, you ask? 


    AMC Mission

    The Allied Media Conference cultivates strategies for a more just and creative world. We come together to share tools and tactics for transforming our communities through media-based organizing.

    AMC Vision


    The Allied Media Conference advances our visions for a just and creative world. It is a laboratory for media-based solutions to the matrix of life-threatening problems we face. Since our founding in 1999, we have evolved our definition of media, and the role it can play in our lives – from zines to video-blogging to breakdancing, to communicating solidarity and creating justice. Each conference builds off the previous one and plants the seeds for the next. Ideas and relationships evolve year-round, incorporating new networks of media-makers, technologists and social justice organizers. We draw strength from our converging movements to face the challenges and opportunities of our current moment. We are ready to create, connect and transform.

    Read more here: http://amc.alliedmedia.org/amc2011/about/amc-mission

    Donate here! http://igg.me/at/TWOCamc2014/x/628283


  9. fancybidet:

    I just added Hard Fance to the pre-order by request! Heaps more artwork to choose from :D

    Go forth and order a print!



  11. femmedisturbance:

    OK, I don’t know about you, but I WANT this T-SHIRT! I want so many perks in this Indiegogo, I want to trans families and kids book, I want the FEMME earrings, I want cupcakes delivered to my door like now, AND I want the It Gets Fatter pins AND I want Syrus’s beautiful art hanging in my apartment AND I want the amazing Fierce Bodies scent free moisturizer!! AHHH!!! Donate and get these dope perks and share them with your friends! We’re almost at $9000! Let’s get there tonight! 

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  12. femmedisturbance:

    9 days left! Donate now and get the “It Gets Fatter” buttons by and for fat queer people of color, a subscription to Shameless magazine, gorgeous Queer earrings or a banner necklace that says Femme!  We’ve raised almost $7000, which is amazing, but we still need more to cover travel costs, housing and food for participants. If you can’t donate, please help spread the word and ask your local LGBTQ organization to donate!



  13. international-twoc-gathering:

    New perks march 19! Queer earrings, queer scout badges, glitter messenger bag, political posters!!! Only 10 days left and 10k to go! We are almost a $6000! Please keep donating and sharing! Thank you so so so much to all our donors, and to Masti Khor for finding genius femme perks!!! <3 <3 <3


  14. fat-grrrl-activism:

    If you have ‪#‎plussize‬ clothing, lingerie, accessories or shoes to donate, the ‪#‎BigFatFlea‬ will gladly pick-up!” ‪#‎NYC‬ —> http://www.bigfatflea.com


  15. luffnstuff:



    My photo project about gender presentation within the masculine and feminine spectrum. 


    damn, dis cool.

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