1. NOW IS THE TIME to submit your proposal for the Fierce Fashion Futures track for the 2013 Allied Media Conference! The deadline to submit is March 8th! The conference will take place June 20-23rd in Detroit, MI.


    Fierce Fashion Futures call for proposals:

    Fashion is media and politics at the same time. Every day we communicate something about who we are, who we want and what kind of world we want with our clothes and our bodies. How can we understand the ways that fashion builds community and simultaneously excludes from community? How can we reclaim beauty in our own fat, QTPOC, disabled queer radical selves? Fashion can be used as emotional and spiritual armor as well as physical protection from police and chemical weapons. What new possibilities for expression and network building are created by wearable electronics, e-textiles and new fashion technologies? How does fashion work in radical media, dance and performance? 

    We want to build a community of radical fashion lovers, who see fashion not as big business or an elite sport, but as an art form for all people with subversive potential as a space of self-expression and creation. We want to broaden the ways that the media activist communities that are a part of the AMC think about fashion as a kind of politics in their everyday life. We hope to expand the conversation about gender, race, sexuality and ability by having these spaces to talk about how they play out on our bodies through clothing. We are looking to help people build new skills for creating their own clothes, expanding the options people have for their fashion choices in the future and for making wearable electronics, expanding our possibilities for creating everyday technologies.

    We are looking for the following kinds of proposals:

    HOW-TO Such as: skills for making and re-making your own clothes; creating wearable electronics; sustaining yourself through DIY business.

    THEORY Such as: how fashion can help us explore our identities; fashion without overconsumption; fashion as community building/fashion as homogenizer. 

    ACTION Such as: using fashion to embrace and empower your body; understanding and fighting sweatshops; using fashion to protect yourself in direct-action.  

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    Need some inspiration for your amazing proposal? Check out our list of session ideas.Send us a message if you have any...
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    Two more days! Get thos proposals in! We want to see/work with you in Detroit in June!
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