1. OMGZ, the AMC is THIS WEEK!

    Maybe you should go buy a tote bag and support our amazing presenters.

    And plan on joining us for workshops like Looking Fly at My Size: Fashion Re-Design, Dapper Masculinity Does Not = Dominance, Movements that Keep Us Safe: Autonets, plus many more


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    i had to go to the law library which is across from one of the AMC venues, if anyone saw me i was the girl in the loud...
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    omg what?!? I’m a presenter and I want one of these.
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    sometimes, I just search the AMC tag to remind myself what a life changing experience this is going to be. I’m so...
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    SO EXCITED FOR AMC VOLUNTEERING! Definitely hope I can make some of these. I’ll be with the Radio Group if you want to...
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