1. How does fashion heal & help embody your fullest self? Using an intersectional lens, we’d like to talk about how to de/re/construct fashion, beauty, & desirability (ie, ways power is re/assigned through gender, class, race, colonialism, & other forces that difference bodies).
    This video series is an attempt to explore these questions by seeking video-narratives highlighting QTPOC voices about fashion politics (identity, embodiment, the industry, language, reading, & resistance) and will set the stage to de/re/construct and do power/oppression/empowerment mapping, using images/lqqks as tools to discuss oppressive and liberatory fashions in mainstream and various communities & subcultures.
    This video series was originally created for use in our workshop titled Re/De/Constructing Your Lqqks in the Fierce Fashion Future track at the 2013 Allied Media Conference (AMC) in Detroit.”

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    Our most popular post of the year! Thank you to everyone that helped make FFF awesome this year.
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